One of the most common questions I have gotten is “What network should I be on?”  and honestly, there is no one answer about what social network you should be on. There’s no two answers for it either.

Which sucks to hear…I know…

There are some that will be better though, and hopefully I can clear up some of that confusion you are having about it. So, I am going to break it down in 2 separate categories.

Products & Services 


Many of you are probably in this category which make it hard, and really it could be broken down even further to B2B vs B2C, but that is for another time.

If you are selling products, whether B2B or B2C, you have a job to put your product out in the market and let people respond to it. You should be selling your product on a more detailed level than just here is my product, here is the cost, come by it.

There are 2 (main) steps to determining where you should be selling it…

1…Where is my audience? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?

2…How can we utilize that platform? Pictures? Videos? Special Discounts?

Then the final step…how are they responding? Are you getting engagement? Are people buying?

From personal experience, product based businesses do better on platforms like Instagram than other business types. It is easier to feature your products, do behind-the-scenes, and real experiences than to spam someones LinkedIn feed with your product.


Businesses who are service based tend to struggle the most with social media marketing and knowing where to be. It is possible though and you can do it successfully.

I’d go as far to say that the best businesses that sell a service are going to be better social media marketers than a product. If you can do it well, through testing your market, that is your way to break out of the “norm.”

I have work in businesses for both product and service based revenue, and honestly, service has been way harder to get down, but once you find what works, and focus 150% on it…damn…it comes together perfectly!

Here are 3 things I keep in mind when working with a client who is in the service industry…

1…Do different than what the rest do, if everyone is on Facebook, where can you go that everyone isn’t (yet) and make it successful. Be smart with this though, test it and see if it is worth investing time in to before going all in.

2…Take risks. Although this goes with the first one, it also extends to your overall attitude and how you are selling yourself.

3…Your selling you, not your service. Because you don’t have something to physically give them in exchange for their money, remember that means you are selling you. So stand out with your personality.

Again, from personal experience I have learned with service businesses, networks like Instagram and Snapchat are going to be harder to utilize. Not that they can’t be. But, history has shown that LinkedIn and Facebook tend to do better for this than platforms that utilize/require constant footage and images.

Keep in mind, I am speaking around my experiences with these. You may be able to do it differently or better than I was able to, which in that case, go 150% and do it!

This is intended to be more of an outline to get you understanding product vs service business using social media for their marketing, and understanding that they are not the same…

Chris Degenaars

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