A lot can happen in 30 minutes, especially in the business and marketing industry, so when Michael Barber from Barber&Hewitt agreed to take the time to help me understand the industry better, you better believe I took it!

In roughly 30 minutes Michael and I talked about everything from the general “how can we grow” question to the “what do you recommend for ____?”

I didn’t give him easy questions to answer, but he did a pretty impressive job at answering them. In marketing it can be hard to answer questions when the industry is so diverse, so advice is very subjective. However, I took 5 things away from it that I wanted to share, because I believe it really is THAT good!

Disclaimer: this isn’t word for word nor is it all applicable, but it is still worth reading…I hope

  1. Taking on work just for the sake of having work is worthless. You only have 24 hours in a day, don’t waste time “working” when you could be grinding. Building your resume is one thing, but be careful with how much you offer for free, because people will take advantage of it.
  2. Say no. A. Lot. You may not realize it, but you probably say yes to a lot of things you’d be better off saying no to. I find myself struggling with this, especially when it is coming from someone I am close with. I want to say yes, I want to help them. But think, could I be spending my time better?
  3. Margins matter. At the end of the day, you are a business or working to be one. This goes back to both of the previous ones; your time is valuable and it’s time you start realizing and acting like it. Money talks, unemployment walks…
  4. QUIT SELLING. Slightly contradicting to what I just said…I know, BUT there is a large difference when it comes to being informative and being a salesman. Know, learn, and execute how you can inform people without always selling. THEN people will enjoy the information you’re giving them so much that they will start to buy your products.
  5. Content speaks for itself. Awesome content will result with awesome engagement; average content that blends in with the rest, will give you average (and disappointing) results. Practice sharing the culture over the product, practice being unlike the rest.

Welllllllll hopefully you took away something from this, because I know that this conversation has reshaped how I will create content and do my business plans. It is time we break the expectations of our industries and remember why we got started in them.

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