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Chris Degenaars

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The Numbers Behind Network Ads

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We talked about in our last post, about whether ads were actually a profitable or if they were harming your business and reputation. Now, let’s get down to the numbers.


According to DMR, there are roughly 4 million advertisers on Facebook, more than likely, there is a competitor in your industry running an ad. Not only are there a lot of advertiser on Facebook, from 2015 to 2016 the amount of advertisers doubled in size. So, how can you stand out in timelines?

Well, 55% of users say that a relevant message is a leading factor in whether they click it or not. This continues to prove the point that in an ad or post, it is imperative to be targeting your audience properly. Facebook even allows you to chose your preferred audience on any post you publish.


Considering Facebook’s clickthrough rate is 0.9%, making sure that you are reaching the right audience plays a larger part in your online success than you’d think. Now you do have to be careful with just how specific you get with your ads, 71% of people also say that personalized and behavior based ads are intrusive and annoying.


Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, is widely recognized for ads, but Instagram is making its way into the mix too.

According to Instagram, there are more than 500 million monthly active user, of which share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day. Now only about 20% of these user are within the United States, that is 80% global ad revenue.

Similarly to Facebook, there are a lot of businesses using it, in fact, 48.8% of brands use it. That number is expected to increase to 70.7% by 2017. This helps to prove the point that being relevant and active is extremely important, on average successful businesses on Instagram post roughly 5 times per week.

Although it has an apparent clickthrough rate of 0.9%, according to Instagram Advertiser statistics, 75% of users take action to an ad. 60% of users say they learn about products and services by using Instagram. It does seem there are some perks of running Instagram ads…if the platform is beneficial for your company.


Google reported a net ad revenue of $51.81 billion in 2015, with the average acquisition rate for AdWords search ads at $59.18. The Legal industry currently holds the highest AdWords cost at $135.17.

DMR says that mobile ads that hold the first position have an average clickthrough rate of 27.7%, with desktop ads in the same position at 19.3%.

Now, before you drop thousands of dollars on running ads with Google, they also reported that 56% of Google’s Doubleclick ads are never seen. They do own over 80% of the US paid search market, so working with another platform that holds more is impossible and working with one that carries as much power is probably pretty hard too.


Ads are still a powerful way to market your company and increase revenues, but as we said before, it is about how you do it. You can’t simply through one together or post it wherever you want, you do have to take the time to think of the best platform to share it and how to grab your audiences attention best.

Don’t just be on of the billions using ads, be worth a billion!

Ready to begin running ads and increasing revenue? Contact us to get started!


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