Small Businesses and Google’s Relationship: It’s Complicated

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Small businesses and Google have a complicated partnership between one another. SMBs all across the U.S., are feeling the effects of Google’s removal of right hand side paid advertisements. And let me tell you: it’s complicated. Google eliminated right rail ads for a handful of reasons: with the #1 being mobile. There are some things you and your small business must know about the complicated relationship with Google.

Google’s recent removal of paid search ads from the right hand side of the page has lead to early change results. After years of testing, Google decided it’s best to the paid ads to other spots on the SERP. The biggest reason was that paid ads didn’t align well with the mobile experience.

A result from the move has caused three major changes, this early on in Google’s decision.

  1. Decreased inventory. Mostly due to the fact less spots are available; about a 19% decrease, according to this study.
  1. Organic results increased significantly, but dropped in lower positions due to the decrease of inventory. What does this mean? In other words, we don’t manage brands with “highly commercialized” search queries, or that adding a 4thposition for paid ads have a small impact.
  1. Click-through-rates increased due to the fact ads are more visible to searchers, and cost-per-clicks have decreased significantly. This suggests consumers are responding well to the recent changes by Google.

In a nutshell, reducing the inventory lead to an increase of the total impressions percentage.

So what’s next for your small business? Here it is.

If your small business is located in McKinney (just like ours), Long Drive Agency is offering you a free web analysis of your company’s digital presence for absolutely, 100% free. No charge, whatsoever.

Here’s what we’ll include:

     -Website/mobile analysis

     -SEO score ranking

     -Paid search report

Long Drive Agency is a new digital marketing agency in McKinney, Texas that strives in pioneering digital footprints for the smaller business community.

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