Connecting Athletes with Coaches!

Performance came to Long Drive Agency looking to grow their idea into a business. They wanted to allow the youth to have easy access to coaches and instructors for most mainstream sports.

In just 6 months their idea really began to grow into something more. To get them going we started by branding them with new colors and professional logo. We also designed there new website, making sure the design and functionality stood out from their competition.

We have continued our relationship with Jonathan and Tim by consulting with them to allow PROFORMANCE to grow into an industry leader.

Proformance Branding 

Before we even started the logo, we had to develop a color palette for the brand. The client was drawn to gold, so we developed several different options incorporating different gold values. Once we settled on a gold, a request to add red was next. We repeated the same process, finding several dark reds that paired well with our gold. Now that we had colors, we moved onto the creation of a logo. The idea behind the logo was to create something edgy and eye catching, we wanted a logo that both athletes and instructors wanted to wear. After several rounds of edits we arrived on the logo to the left. We feel it strongly aligns itself with sports, training and being cutting edge. This logo is something you would be prod to wear on any appeal!

Facilities Page 

Finding secondary information on the old site proved to be a tough task. The user experience was such that there was never a clear direction on what path to take. We simplified the process by eliminating and condensing many of the previous pages from the old site. From there, we created a resources page that gives the visitor both a visual cue, and page links for any of the secondary sections. The resource page now gives a broad overview of the entire site, while giving you the option to dig deeper into any particular section.