With the year ending and final plans are being put in place for your strategies in 2017, it is important to perform an audit of yourself on the social media outlets you were active in this year!

Let’s go ahead and dive in! In 3 steps I will explain how YOU can perform your own audit without paying hundreds of dollars to get the same results from someone else…

1. Check it!

Create a chart with the platforms you were on throughout the year. Look back at the amount of followers/likes you had in January and then compare it to today. Positive or negative? How positive or negative?

This is something that only takes a few minutes to do, you can do it on an excel file or google spreadsheet. I recommend google spreadsheet so that even if you get a new computer, you’ll have access to it!

2. Quantify it!

You data lovers will enjoy this step!

It is time to look back at the numbers of each account you were on. Look at the following numbers, look at engagements, look at each network as its own and break down where you went wrong.

Look at the posts that received the most attention and recognize/note the content about it, look at the least loved post and see what went wrong based on the information you received from the better content.

You also want to be looking at how active you were on each network and how it reflects in the numbers. Maybe you did better when only posting 3 times a week versus once a day.

You should be noting 3 main things on your spreadsheet here: 1) referral traffic 2) engagement 3) activity

3. Use it!

Now that you have seen where you were active, and how people were responding to your content, it is time to use that data in your strategy for 2017.

You can also look where your competitors are spending their time and see how they are doing in terms of engagement, then look at how you did there too. If you didn’t do as well there, think why you didn’t, and how you can. More than likely if your competitor is doing well somewhere, you should be too.

Just like that, you gave yourself a social media audit and you can now use that for your 2017 strategy!

I recommend you do this once a quarter, it is important to aways be adapting to where your audience is. You can also audit your competitors and see where you may be doing better than them in, then really push that network hard to stay ahead!

Chris Degenaars

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