Chris Degenaars

Chris Degenaars

Strategy & Operations at Long Drive Agency

Our Top FAQ’s Answered

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We know you have questions, so we put together our most frequent ones and answered them!

In the video below, we dive into a little more about our custom services, our team and our brand spanking new ticketing system!


1. How do we help our clients grow their businesses?

Generally, we end up working with our clients in 1 of 2 ways –

1) They are currently working with another website company and are dissatisfied with their service (or lack there of) and are in search of a more robust, hands on company to work with to handle their website and SEO marketing.

2) They want our team to handle ALL of their technology and marketing efforts. Everything from business consulting, rebranding, custom development, search and FB ads, and much, much more. We become very hands on in learning our clients business as we were hired to help grow the bottom line revenue and implement new technology to make the business much more efficient.

2. What are the advantages to offering your customers an automated, personalized website experience?

With all the smart softwares and tools available for us to build our customers web presence with, we’re able to create individualized experiences on your website. This means that you can show certain content to people that are visiting your website for the first time OR maybe you want to offer someone within 5 miles of your business a specific offer…this is the “next big thing” in small business web design, and we are implementing it already to keep you ahead of your competitors.

To give you a little better idea on how this works, here is a real client example:  King Animal Clinic

  1. King Vet wanted the ability for their customers to request an appointment online. For 1st time visitors, we setup an automated pop-up that simplifies the users process for setting up an appointment, thus assisting in acquiring new customers. Over the past 6 months, we have had 25 new appointments booked through this pop-up.
  2. Another automated element we added is when the clinic is closed, an alternate emergency contact number is shown for a 24/7 clinic. This allows King Vet to provide their patients with round the clock emergency service.

King Animal Clinic SBS

3. What makes Long Drive Agency different?

We get this question quite often and what it really boils down to is our teams passion for helping out clients grow! Bottom line, we know there are other companies that offer somewhat similar services to ours, but what truly sets us apart is the way our team gets to know and fully understand your businesses goals; as that’s the only way we are able to create an effective plan to help your company grow!

4. What if I am already working with another company?

No problem at all! We will work with the current company to get your domain switched over as quickly as possible. We make this process simple for you by handling the entire process.

5. How long till I am up and running?

If you have an existing website, it generally takes a week or so to get you switched over to our platform. Obviously, custom projects will take a bit longer.

6. Am I in a contract when using your services?

Not at all. We do not require any contracts to work with us. We work month-to-month with you, and will work with you for however long you need us!

Long Drive Agency is a digital strategy firm based in McKinney, Texas. We are a small company made up of website creators, graphic designers, videographers/editors, and content creators. Being small allows us to truly get to know your company and you, to create a personal feel for your clients.

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