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Chris Degenaars

Strategy & Operations at Long Drive Agency

Marketing for End-Of-Year Sales

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End-of-Year Sales

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of years for a lot of small businesses. Many will use this time to look back at the past year, begin planning for the new year, and of course complete any goals for their business! Now is the time to emphasize any marketing for end of year sales you are doing.

You still have time to hit your sale goals for the year, and with the right marketing strategy, it isn’t all that hard!



These are our top ways to help your small business have a successful end-of-year sale!

1. Know Your Customers

In 2017 we saw a big push for businesses to provide a more personalized experience to customers.

Knowing your customers will allow you to provide a personalized sale that will peak their interests and ultimately get them buying.

The most accurate way to accomplish this is by going through your sales history and figuring out what is sold the most. That will let you target your customers based on what they care about most.

With that information, you are now able to do two different strategies depending on your business model.

Option 1 – Run a sale for that product
(i.e., 40% of your sales were for product A, offer 10% off product A)

Option 2 – Run a sale that complements that product
(i.e., 40% of your sales were for product A which goes well with product B, offer 15% off product B)

2. Utilize Your Customer List

Just about every small business will have a customer list that they have built up over the last year. Now is the time to benefit from it.

If you have been segmenting your list like we would recommend, send out an email campaign that is personalized based on their purchase history.

Consider spending the time to find out which customers have shopped with you repeatedly over the year and send them a personal and custom email thanking them. Gratitude goes a long way.

3. Create Gift Guides

Gift guides are one of the simplest and most effective things that any small business can do to help with marketing for end-of-year sales, yet so many don’t do it.

You are literally getting to tell them exactly what they want to buy, and a lot of them will listen because they need help knowing what it is they need!

How many times have you needed help buying a present for someone and googled “what do guys like for Christmas?”

88% of you (internet users) would preferably use the internet to find gift information than ask an employee at a store.

4. Facebook Ads

Use that list we talked about earlier to create a custom audience in the Facebook Ads Manager platform and run some Facebook Ad campaigns to your previous customers.

It is 10x more likely to sell again, or to upsell, to an already satisfied customer.

5. Do something special

The reason small businesses can continue to open and grow is that if done right, your customers become loyal.

Loyalty doesn’t just happen, and it can not be bought, many businesses have tried and failed. In an era where even a car can be purchased online from your bed, we should be extra grateful that anyone goes to a brick and mortar business anymore.

Like we mentioned earlier, it is important to thank those customers who have continued to support your small business over the year.

The best marketing strategy we could give you is this: care.

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