Helping Country Clubs

Drive Membership Growth

We're helping clubs connect with new members through highly targeted Facebook ad programs!

How The Program Works


We Setup All Assets

LDA will work with your club to learn about your membership and create assets that will appeal to the potential members you're trying to reach

Facebook Ads Start

We setup multiple highly targeted ad campaigns targeted in a 10 - 15 mile radius around your club

Leads Roll In

Targeted leads start to roll in and notifications go directly to your clubs membership director!

Country Club Results


New Leads in 14 Months


New Leads in 12 Months


New Leads in 4 Months


New Leads in 11 Months

Examples of FB Ads

Some FAQ’s

My Club Doesn't Advertise...

Times are changing and private clubs need to get their presence out their more than ever. If driving memberships at your club is a primary focus, then what better way to keep your membership director busy than to supply them with a targeted lead generation system!

How Do We Receive The Leads?

We setup auto notifications that can go to one or multiple individuals. We also provide a LIVE dashboard that will host all the leads information that can be viewed 24/7

Can We Recruit For Weddings & Events?

Absolutely! You’re able to allocate the ad budget towards any initiative that you want to focus on.

Does Our Club Have To Sign A Contract?

Our program is month to month and although we doubt you will, you’re able to cancel anytime!

Case Study Download

Par 3

$ 1,000

Per Month
  • 1 Custom Landing Page
  • 1 FB Ad Campaign
  • Custom LIVE Lead Dashboard

Par 4

$ 2,500

Per Month
  • 2 Custom Landing Pages
  • 2 FB Ad Campaigns
  • Custom LIVE Lead Dashboard
  • Wedding & Event Lead Campaigns
  • Instagram Ad Campaigns

Par 5Get The Most Leads!

$ 3,500

Per Month
  • 3+ Custom Landing Pages
  • 5 FB Ad Campaigns
  • Custom LIVE Lead Dashboard
  • Wedding & Event Lead Campaigns
  • Instagram Ad Campaigns
  • More ad dollars = more leads

Is there a setup fee?

Yes, there is a one-time program setup fee of $1,000 to build out the landing pages, ad creative & campaign setup and connecting the program to a LIVE dashboard.

What’s the difference in the packages?

The primary difference between the different package levels is the # of campaigns & amount of ad dollars spent to acquire new leads.

What else does LDA offer?

We help clubs in multiple different ways but the most common are:

  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Web & Mobile Sites
  • Email Automation
  • Graphic Design