Chris Degenaars

Chris Degenaars

Strategy & Operations at Long Drive Agency

Keep Your Employees Happy by Doing This 1 Thing

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If your employees aren’t happy, you won’t be either.

What’s the secret to employee happiness? Believe it or not, it isn’t money. In fact, many say that money will not create long-term happiness for employees.

However, if you can offer a workplace that allows for honesty, growth, and positivity, then you will increase the chances to have employees that enjoy showing up.

The one thing that offers all of those to employees is simply listening & acknowledging their work and opinions.


Offering an open-door-policy allows increased honesty and also the ability to make an impact on the business.

When you genuinely listen to an employees idea or concern, you are showing that their opinion matters to the business and you.

Now this is just the first part to this combo package, the next part is extremely crucial to a happier employee!


Did that employee get you a new customer? Or offer an idea that could save time, money, or stress?

Did you say, “nice job! Thank you!”

When you offer a simple reward like a thank-you, you are encouraging them to act like this again and establishing a connection with them and the work they do.

As bad as it may sound, positive re-enforcement is a proven tactic to help encourage harder workers. It will show them that they do matter to the company and that their opinion is being used to help better the company.

It really is amazing that these simple tactics could play a major role in the success of your business.

I encourage you to start trying these tactics with your employees, and if you do it with an actual passion to their opinion, you will see a change.

In fact, I encourage you to email us to tell us about how your business has used this simple tool to change the atmosphere in your workplace!

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