Follow the Lead(er) Because It’s Time to Sale

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You know the saying: Let bygones be bygones. Or how about: Live and let die? If you were to ask me… this all coincides with traditional advertising. It’s dying and that’s okay… if you’re taking these peculiar steps into consideration.

If your small business focuses on leads and sales or even has a sales team, here’s what you shouldn’t do in 3 easy steps:

  1. Buy an enormous list of leads for a couple hundred thousand dollars.
  2. Make your sales team pull an “Adele” and “turn up out of the blue uninvited” trying to set up demos.
  3. Dedicate a “sales” team to “sell” your product or service.

Alright stop… collaborate and listen to me for just a few moments.

Using those 3 steps might get you revenue but you’re facing one huge problem… actually getting people on the phone. Those psychological mind games you or your business is using may work sometimes, but it’s difficult to utilize, especially if more than 100 calls are being made each day.

Don’t put your team on the firing block by having low morale. These few steps could LITERALLY help you.

  1. Consumers aren’t sold anymore, they actually do research now.

Don’t assume your audience is dumb because it’s y’all who’re going to be looking dumb. Consumers in 2016 know exactly what he or she is looking for and are not afraid to research the topics needed to making that final purchasing decision.

Toilet paper on Amazon has over 5000+ reviews.

Just let that sink in…

  1. Consumers LITERALLY hate being bombarded and are actually oblivious to sell-hard advertisements

We all hate advertisements. In fact, Adblock has over 144 MILLION users and trust me, those users are not hesitant to block, unfriend or uninvited you from anything that might pester them… INCLUDING ADS.

  1. Consumers ignore everything.

Screening isn’t a myth y’all. We all do it, too. What makes you think others are not doing it to you? Lolol… I’ll wait for your answer.

Now, I want to share a secret with y’all. No, Victoria didn’t tell me this and I never went to Jared’s for this secret…


Maybe your business is born with it… or maybe it’s Inbound Marketing.

That’s right, folks, step on up to learn how Inbound Marketing is the secret to all your sales troubles.

Inbound Marketing is all about creating content that helps you target a consumer, even this blog post would agree.

It’s insanely simple:

  1. Identify problems that your target consumer has.
  2. Write articles about them.
  3. Publish them on your blog.
  4. Promote those posts though your email list, Facebook, twitter, etc.
  5. Consumers find them, read them and then see you as an authority.
  6. Consumers get curious about your solutions.
  7. Consumers create an account after reading a post or join your email list.
  8. Send them more awesome answers to their questions with an opportunity to contact you.
  9. Consumers book and hop on a call with one of your account managers.
  10. Account managers have the easiest sell in the world because the leads already know, like and trust you.

BAM! 10 easy steps and you don’t need any easy payments of $19.99.

Still having trouble? No worries. Long Drive Agency can help you out.

Long Drive Agency is a marketing firm that helps pioneer digital footprints to the private golf industry, small businesses, trailblazers, non-believers and the all-American Dreamers.

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