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Chris Degenaars

Strategy & Operations at Long Drive Agency

Do you Know Your Brand?

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Your brand is who you are, it is what defines your content and how people view you. So, do you know yours?

Everyone has a brand, whether it is a business or personal brand, or a good or bad brand, you are leaving your mark on each piece of content you put out. It is important that your brand is worth following, that it is providing a value to the people consuming it.

Mashable is known as the go-to place for tech, digital culture, and entertainment information, trends, and news. They are constantly putting out the latest news, ahead of many others, and carry the same message across all their platforms: we know everything digital.

Forbes is the leading news for all things business. They have provided the most value to business leaders by being one of the first to release any news and providing valuable content via the most influential people in the world.

Those are just 2 of many brands that have developed people to see them as a valuable component to their timeline. It took time and practice to do it, but now they are seen as go-to websites and social pages when we need something. Time and time again they have executed the goal to provide information, and now people will pay attention to their content because it has been proven to be useful.

Your brand is more than just what hex numbers you are supposed to use in images or the font you are supposed to use in blogs, it is who you are being seen as. Your brand should clearly represent what you do and what you provide.

Now you may be asking, how can create and/or grow my brand. There are a few things to do this properly…

Make it Clear and Consistent

Who are you? What are you providing? Why would someone follow you?

These are just a few questions to be asking yourself when creating your brand. You want to make sure there is a clear outline of what you are providing so that your content can clearly show that.

It is important to be consistent with it. Once you determine what your brand is providing, you need to be following that in every piece of content that you put out. If you want to motivate people, then your content should consistently be about something that is going to motivate someone. It doesn’t have to always be quotes (nor should it be), but it should be content that motivates someone to do something.

Collaborate and Engage

This is a big part in really establishing and growing your brand.

You should be trying to find ways to work with other people doing what you want to do so that you can increase your exposure and also get some more knowledge. If you are a business, consider partnering with other local business or the city council to support different initiatives.

Engaging is the best way to put your name in front of your audience and help show them who you are. This could range from actually messaging them or just sharing their content. Usually, when someone shares your content, you are going to go to their profile and/or share their content, so it makes it easier to increase your following while also increasing the likely hood of your content being re-shared.It isn’t hard to determine what your brand is, it is the execution of it. You have to make a point to be clear in your goals with your content and continue to execute it.

It isn’t hard to determine what your brand is, it is the execution of it. You have to make a point to be clear in your goals with your content and continue to execute it. It isn’t about being everywhere, all the time – it is about being where it matters, when it matters.

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