5 FREE Ways to Gain Engagement on Social Media

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How imperative is it not only being on social networks, but to be active? Well, by 2020 there are expected to be 2.95 billion users on social networks. With that, it is needless to say that being active on social media is a crucial part of growing your company.

More than being active, you need to engage your audience, sounds obvious and easy doesn’t it? Sometimes it can be very easy, but if you are a smaller business or don’t have the budget, it may be hard to efficiently reach your audience and do it more effectively than your competitors.

Fear not! I have composed 5 of the best FREE ways to increase your social media engagements.

  1. Know When To Post

Timing is key with social media. You have to post at the right time to gain the most engagement and receive the most views. There are dozens of websites that show various times to post, but here is a simple graphic of the times we found best to post at…


  1. Content Is Key – Don’t Fall Behind

There are 2 important things to remember when you are getting ready to create a post. The first one, is know what is going on in your industry, if there is a new program, new technology, new product, etc. be up to date with whatever it may be. The second is to be posting answers to what your followers may be asking. Create content that is a resource for your readers, not your opinion. Readers want to be able to come to you for useful information in their industry.

Here are some resources to use to find the best content to post in whatever your industry may be:

Also, take advantage of online newsletters and podcasts. Many are free and offer high quality content.

  1. Be Relevant

Have you ever heard the saying “Always Be Closing” in sales? Well, if there were a saying in social media it would be “Always Be Posting.” There are 1.71 billion users on Facebook, so it is easy for your content to get lost on someone’s timeline, especially if you are only posting once every few days.

Be careful, this isn’t saying you need to be posting 5 times a day, or even 3 times a day. It is easy when posting too frequently to run out of quality content. Find the right quality-to-quantity ratio for your audience and industry.

Here is a good graph to get a general idea on how much you should be posting to stay relevant…


  1. A Picture Is Worth 100% More Than Words

Or at least close, research shows that articles with images on average get 94% more views than those without an image.

Xerox, the global business document company ran a study, which showed that colored visuals increase a viewer’s willingness to read the attached content by 80%. Simply put, people are more intrigued to genuinely read a post that has graphics attached.

You can also increase how much engagement you get by having fun with your post. Try doing a “Fill In The Blank” post, or a “Caption This” contest. This encourages people to comment and will make them want to come back to your page for more stuff like this. If you are able to, add incentives to it, such as discounts or free product to help encourage engagement.

Infographics are another great way to double up on both valuable text and including an educational graphic. However, like Venngage said in their article about visual marketing, the text that goes with it should NOT just repeat the infographic!!

  1. Just Ask

Sometime it really is just that simple. Most times when someone is asked to share or like a post, they will, especially if it relates to their interests. Studies show your tweet can have up to a 23x higher chance of being retweeted if you just ask.

Be careful with this though, it is easy to overdue it by asking for too much or constantly asking for reactions. On average, if they do it once, they will do it in the future as long as the content is still relatable.

More Insight…

To get some more insight on how you could get be better using visual marketing (which you should be want!!), check out this article from Venngage!

If you are looking to take your companies marketing campaigns to the next level, contact us to see what services we can offer for you!

Blake Davis

Blake Davis

CEO/Founder of Long Drive Agency

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