3 Wonderful Golf Tournament Marketing Ideas

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Golf tournaments, when executed properly, can bring a long list of benefits to your golf course or country club. Not only can a tournament bring in additional revenue or donations for a worthy cause, but they can also serve as an excellent tool for your club grow it’s brand and reach.

But as with any business event, proper marketing and promotion is required. So we wanted to show y’all just a few methods you can deploy to ensure that your club’s next golf tournament is a success.



Having a prominent landing page for your clients and potential clients to see can make or break you. After all first impressions are extremely important. While this one is a given, there are still a few steps you can take to make sure your webpage is everything it needs to be.

    • Email Registration Form

Even if the person visiting the webpage isn’t ready to sign up for the tournament, steer them toward signing up for your tournament’s email list. Once you have their information, it’s much easier to follow up with them after the fact to make sure they don’t forget about you tourney.

    • Course Information and Media

There are a lot of golf tournaments out there and while the camaraderie and charitable cause can be a large part of your tournaments overall draw, the course it’s being played on is just as important. So make sure your course is putting its best foot forward on your tournament’s page by highlighting it’s beautiful and unique features with some high quality imagery, course map, and any other relevant features.

    • Online Registration

Lastly having a quick and easy online registration should always be a top priority. While it is a minor feature, it can elevate the customer experience from step one. With the many modern software available today, such as Digital Range, it is easy to offer your tournament participant with an easy to use online sign up form. 

Social Media

In this day and age, having a comprehensive social media presence for your event or tournament is a near requirement. It is the perfect tool to both market your tourney and keep your players informed and up to date in the months leading up to the event itself.

    • As a marketing tool

Assuming the tournament you’re hosting is an annual affair, Facebook and Instagram are the perfect platforms to post to before, during, and after the event. The posts leading up to the event will drive registration, while the posts during and after might get those people who chose to pass this year to join in on the festivities next year.  

    • As a communication tool

While email blasts work well to communicate with your participants in more of a long-form manner, your tournament’s social media pages are ideal for quick reminders, last minute changes, and any other announcements that need to be communicated.


The relationship between a golf tournament and their sponsors is one that is mutually beneficial to both parties. For the tournament itself, sponsors add value to the event by providing donations, additional giveaway items, and added funds. As for the sponsors, they receive additional exposure, more face time with potential clients, and for the charity tournaments, some added PR.

Bringing in a wide range of sponsors will only widen your marketing reach an ultimately bring in more revenue. So make sure while you’re trying to make your tournament appeal to the players that you’re also putting together an event that appeals to sponsors as well. This can be achieved by offering a wide array of sponsorship opportunities that are made available at multiple tiers.

  • Hole Sponsors
  • Food and Drink Sponsors
  • Game Sponsors
  • Cart Sponsors
  • Hole-In-One Sponsors

Regardless of how you decide to market your club’s next golf tournament, the key is to focus on widening your reach and growing your club’s brand. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time ahead of the tournament to execute your strategy so that you give your potential participants time to plan to attend your tournament. Keep in mind that you are completing with other golf tournament around you so the earlier you can get players to commit to your tournament the better.


Need help planning your next tournament’s marketing strategy?

We can help! 

Logan B.

Logan B.

Content Marketing, Long Drive Agency

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