3 Ways to Increase Country Club Memberships

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    The importance of membership growth is something we can never under state, after all without members nothing else really matters.

    While making sure your club has a well rounded marketing strategy to grow your club is vital, some times you need an extra boost to drive membership. Finding creative ways to bring in new members and new membership leads can be the difference maker when it comes to the success of your golf course or country club.


    Incentive programs are a fairly easy way to get those potential members that just haven’t pulled the trigger quite yet. Golf and Country Clubs memberships are often seen as a luxury, any added value can change the way people look at cost itself.

Incentive Ideas:

  • Discounted rates if you sign up by a certain date
  • Pro-Shop gift certificates included with sign up
  • Buy-One Get-One deals
  • Free Clubs and other equipment from the Pro-Shop


Eldorado Country Club in McKinney, Texas does a great job with incentive programs and is currently running a special that offers a free set of irons when you become a member at their club.


    Referral programs take advantage of one of the most effective means of communication in the marketing world, word of mouth. You can read every Google and Yelp review available on a certain business and it just won’t mean quite as much as an opinion from a trusted friend or family member.

Our client, CBIGG Management owner of 27 courses around the country, hosts an annual championship golf tournament in Phoenix, AZ. This tournament is used as CBIGG’s referral based incentive program. Members earn points by referring members to their club with the top earners winning a trip to the tournament.

    While this referral program is on a bit of a larger scale, the concept remains the same, encourage your members to be your own club ambassadors

Digital Marketing Through Digital Range

    Lastly, without a comprehensive and modern digital presence how can you expect new members to find you?

    At Long Drive Agency, we focus on developing customized solutions that help you better manage your digital presence and marketing strategy. Our digital marketing platform, Digital Range, is a comprehensive tool that gives our clients the ability to manage their entire digital presence in one location.

For more information about the success

we’ve had generating leads for our clients,

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Blake Davis

Blake Davis

CEO/Founder of Long Drive Agency

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