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Chris Degenaars

Strategy & Operations at Long Drive Agency

The 2016 Break Down on the Top Social Networks

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2016 was a breakthrough year for many social networks and it was easy to fall behind if you weren’t paying attention.

We have gone through and comprised a full, and yet simple report of the top platforms from 2016 so you are able to plan for 2017 and see what platforms will be the best to use for your business. Breaking it down by the demographics for each, you can now get straight to what you want to know!



  • % of Males: 75% of users
  • % of Females: 83% of users
  • Top Age Category: 18-29-year-old (88%)
  • % with College Education: 82% completed SOME college
  • Avg. Income of Users: <$30,000 (84%)
  • Rural or Urban: Rural



  • % of Males: 23% of users
  • % of Females: 25% of users
  • Top Age Category: 15-17-year-olds (42%) ahead of 18-29-year-olds (32%)
  • % with College Education: 27% have a college degree OR higher
  • Avg. Income of Users: >$75,000 (26%)
  • Rural or Urban: Urban



  • % of Males: 26% of users
  • % of Females: 38% of users
  • Top Age Category: 18-29-year-olds (59%)
  • % with College Education: 33% have a college degree OR higher
  • Avg. Income of Users: <$30,000 (28%)
  • Rural or Urban: Urban


  • Facebook = 76% of users access it daily
  • Instagram = 51% of users access it daily
  • Twitter = 34% of users access it daily
  • LinkedIn = 18% of users access it daily


  • More than one platform = 56%
  • Twitter & Instagram = 65%
  • Twitter & LinkedIn = 54%
  • Facebook & Instagram = 95%

It is clear that Facebook still holds the majority against the other networks and is one of the most diverse as well. However, considering the amount of online users that have more than one social network, it is important to be active all around!

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